Venus Envy

Rachel Greer is fed up with love. For years she was sure her Prince Charming was right around the corner. Ha. Was she ever wrong (and she's got the exes to prove it). Witnessing her parent's perfect marriage, her younger sister's wedding plans in full swing, and her brother's quickly growing brood, Rachel can't even go home anymore-- it's just another reminder of how she's failed at love. So Rachel's devoting her life to meaningful pursuits, like her Customer Service job at the bank and volunteering everywhere from the local dog shelter to a soup kitchen. She's also determined to ignore handsome firefighter Luke Stanton--who suspiciously opens up a new account once a month. Enter the goddess Venus, forced by her ornery father Zeus into fairy-godmother servitude. Venus is only a few love-life fixes away from returning to Mount Olympus and she's not about to let some reluctant mortal stand in her way. Venus has barely unpacked her designer luggage before she's found the perfect man for Rachel:  Luke.  He's got a great job and a great bod.  And best of all, he's definitely interested.  But Venus has also found an enemy, in the form of Rachel's best friend, Hannah.  Hannah's not so sure Venus has Rachel's best intentions in mind.  Between Rachel's sabotage and Hannah's mistrust, Venus has her hands full on this assignment!  Sexy, sassy Venus is a force to be reckoned with--this goddess always gets her man, even if she's trying to get him for someone else. Armed with her extraordinary goddess powers (well… the few she has left after Zeus got through with her), a killer wardrobe, and the goddess bible (Cosmopolitan), Venus sets out to turn Rachel's orderly life upside down in the name of True Love.

Book Details

Book Title: Venus Envy

Book Author: Shannon McKelden

Book Category: -

ISBN: 0765315858