Rocks & Stones Between A Rose 1

Rose doesn’t mean to do damage! Love is not supposed to destroy! But what’s a woman to do when she was destroyed early on! She can’t love right!Because men have hurt her… And she doesn’t trust them! She doesn’t trust love… Her life was simple! She had no real money. She had no real options.But... she felt safe! Go to work. Come home. Rinse and repeat!A simple life by all standards, until she meets Boston!Most women would have been satisfied…Growing up poor, only to end up snagging one of the most highly sought-after bachelors in Chicago… The one with all the money! The one with all the power! The one who is dynamic in, and out, of the bedroom. He IS the one she can’t live without! But the old adage “hurt people, hurt people,” never rang truer. And Rose is in a battle with herself to do right by him. She tries to live a normal life, but the more she tries the more drama, conflict and damage she causes. But Boston is there for it! He is drama times ten! She has bitten off more than she can chew with a man who is not for the faint at heart! He is a lot of man. He expects loyalty. And when Rose crosses him in a heartbreaking and cruel fashion, he returns the favor!Because she forgot one important thing. The number one rule! If it looks like a flame, then it’s probably going to burn! He is like mafia. Love begets love. Cruel begets cruel. A love language Rose doesn’t speak, as she navigates through her life of sexual addiction with a man bent on “saving” her.And at the center, is a family of wealthy, handsome and powerful brothers! Brother's once loyal to one another. That is...Until Rose enters the picture!How many men will she destroy in her quest for love and power? Will she get her “happily ever after” once the smoke clears? Will he? Read along in this story about a woman unbound by traditional values. What happens when she ends up with a man that’s driven by control and brutal in his actions when crossed! A man who runs his family like the mafia. And his attention at the moment is on a woman he can’t tame!

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Book Title: Rocks & Stones Between A Rose 1

Book Author: Smokey Moment

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