(Secret) Baby With My Best Friends Ex (Playing with Trouble)

What I was supposed to do:Help my best friend get through her breakup. What I actually did:Hookup with her ex and ruin our friendship. You see, when you do something incredibly stupid and selfish, the universe teaches you a lesson. My lesson came in the form of a baby. A gorgeous baby boy that I kept from my billionaire baby daddy. Yes, the guilt ate at me for two years.But how could I tell him when he’d made it crystal clear that he was grumpy as hell and wanted to be left alone?Let’s just say that we were both pretty dumb. So the universe threw another curveball at us. It brought me back to his city. My wounds became raw all over again. And our son was now over a year old. My plan was to tell Jack that he was a dad… but he had a plan of his own once he found out that I was back in New York. Offering me a job was part of his scheme to keep me around. Turns out, my (secret) baby daddy was still the same ego maniac that I’d left behind. But years had passed and we weren’t so stupid and selfish anymore… Or were we?Dive into the tumultuous lives of Emma and Jack. They’re completely wrong on paper but something draws them back together. A maddening connection… and a beautiful baby!

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Book Title: (Secret) Baby With My Best Friends Ex (Playing with Trouble)

Book Author: Summer Brooks

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