Do Over (Hells Minions MC Book 4)

April 13th. Just a date on a calendar, right? Not for Shooter. Nope. That was the day his heart was ripped out of his chest and thrown in a blender. A day that changed his life forever.In high school he'd foolishly thought he and Quinn would marry after graduation and eventually start a family. He'd prospect for the Hell's Minions MC and she'd go to college.Wasn't it a kick in the head when life had a way of not going as planned? As far as he as concerned, it was all Quinn's fault and he'd blame her until the day he died for throwing away what they could have had.Fine. Life goes on.Fast forward twelve years.He should have known today, of all days, would be the day Quinn Palmer came crashing back into his life. April 13th. Just his luck.If it wasn't for an urgent call from his sister Mia saying she was in trouble, he would have never come face to face with the woman who wrecked his world. He wouldn't be standing here with all the old hurts and memories he'd buried with booze and women for the last twelve years clawing at his insides.Part of him wanted to make sure she and Quinn got home safe, then abruptly disappear from her life like she did his and never look back. Another part of him wanted to grab her by the arms and shake her, demanding to know why she destroyed everything between them.If this was Fate giving them a do over, wouldln't he be a fool not to take it?

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Book Title: Do Over (Hells Minions MC Book 4)

Book Author: Shay Michaelson

Book Category: -

ISBN: B0838R5PJ2